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We have worked with Ivo Tomasini for 5+ years on over 20 art and design fairs. He excels on planning and executing a website, with state of the art technology and “outside the box” thinking and creativity. His high and thoughtful standards on design, user interface, and user experience helps to enhance and streamline the marketing of our shows and generate business. He is highly reliable, and his ego-less attitude, and practical sensibility while “getting the job done,” makes him easy and enjoyable to work with. He is a wonderful team player, and can be an immediate asset to any small-midsize business.

Rick Friedman

Founder, Show Hamptons

Automated Marketing

We are the marketing guru you’ve always wanted. We design campaigns specifically for you and our technology takes care of the rest.

Measurable Results

We make it easy to track your success. View your dashboard on your desktop, tablet or smart phone. We’ll also send you a performance summary every week.

More for Your Money

We work tirelessly to provide outstanding results so you can be sure you’re making the most of your marketing budget.

Our Product

While you’re busy running your business, we’ll help you grow it


Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven way to stay relevant in an age of short attention spans. Our automated email campaigns deliver an engaging experience your customers will love. We also track when your emails are opened so you know when your customers are engaging with your business.


Word-of-mouth is the life blood of every local business. We make the most of your adoring customers by encouraging and reminding them to refer their friends. The referral process is just as easy as our reviews process! We automatically generate referral emails to your customers while you focus on your business.


Text Message Marketing

Text Message Marketing is one of the most effective ways of reaching your customers. With engagement rates almost eight times higher than traditional email marketing, it’s a great way to reach your customers on the go. Our powerful CRM grows your Text Message subscriber list automatically and will give each customer the nudge they need to make their first (or next) purchase.



Getting feedback from customers is the best way to figure out what people love and what you can do to make your business even better. We collect feedback for you, notify you when people respond, and store it so you can access it whenever you want. What better way to promote your business than through positive feedback!

Customer Reviews

Online Reviews are key to grabbing the attention of potential customers. We encourage customers to share their thoughts on what makes your business so easy to love. Our powerful remarketing engine knows when a person has visited your business and automatically engages them to write a review. You do not have to do anything. We take care of it for you!



The only thing better than a new customer is a repeat customer. We identify your most active customers and boost loyalty through scheduled messages and activity-based offers. Too busy managing your business to send these reminders? Don’t worry, we have you covered. Our automated remarketing engine knows who should receive these offers and when to send them.

As Chair of Slow Food East End, a small non-profit volunteer organization on the East End, I’ve worked with Ivo Tomasini of 57interest Design for several years. Ivo completely redesigned our website, making it more exciting and interactive. He is responsive to our requests while bringing his own creativity and marketing expertise to projects. Ivo and his company have helped Slow Food East End expand its visibility and membership through a remarkable website that always features something new and interesting!

Anne Howard

Chair, Slow Food East End

The Ultimate Customer List

Track all of your customer interactions: payments, emails, phone calls, and feedback


Customer Profiles

We track all of your interactions with your customers including payments, emails, phone calls, and feedback. Our goal: make sure your customer list is always growing and always up to date.

Advanced Caller ID

We identify the people calling your business and automatically add them to your customer list.

Explore Using Filters

See which of your customers are most active or least active, found you by phone or by email, or have notes associated with them.

Business Analytics

Data is power. With the right information, a business owner can maximize revenue and minimize costs. We capture dozens of data points about your business and distill it into actionable charts, stats, and insights.

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