“Everything you need to know about success in business the ‘gurus’ never told you”

I’ve been receiving Ken McCarthy’s newsletters for many years now, and his wisdom has been a life changer when applied into action. Here’s what the book’s forwards says:

Ken McCarthy pulls back the curtain on private communications he’s had with his System Club members over the years.

What is the System Club?

The System Club is one of the world’s oldest mastermind groups in Internet marketing. Membership is open to graduates of System trainings and other invited parties.

These letters – fifty-seven in all – were written to be absorbed quickly and deliver hard hitting, targeted marketing tactics and inspiration.

Here are just a few of the ideas Ken shares in his latest book:

  • The invisible foundation of killer ad copy
  • Formulas for generating productive action
  • The world’s greatest marketing university
  • When to break the rules
  • All big things start out small
  • Can you improvise?
  • The power of Internet video
  • The 40-40-20 rule
  • Your most important asset
  • Values and vision in business and in life

Warning: Much of what you will read in this book is dramatically different from the advice of the Internet marketing gurus.

Ivo Tomasini is a blogger, poet, copy writer and owner operator of 57interest Design.

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