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We have worked with Ivo Tomasini for 5+ years on over 20 art and design fairs. He excels on planning and executing a website, with state of the art technology and "outside the box" thinking and creativity. His high and thoughtful standards on design, user interface, and user experience helps to enhance and streamline the marketing of our shows and generate business. He is highly reliable, and his ego-less attitude, and practical sensibility while "getting the job done," makes him easy and enjoyable to work with. He is a wonderful team player, and can be an immediate asset to any small-midsize business.

Rick Friedman

Founder, Show Hamptons

As Chair of Slow Food East End, a small non-profit volunteer organization on the East End, I’ve worked with Ivo Tomasini of 57interest Design for several years. Ivo completely redesigned our website, making it more exciting and interactive. He is responsive to our requests while bringing his own creativity and marketing expertise to projects. Ivo and his company have helped Slow Food East End expand its visibility and membership through a remarkable website that always features something new and interesting!

Anne Howard

Chair, Slow Food East End